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======= Thomas De la Combe - Portraits ======= I started my transition from female to male at the same time as the first national network for transgender was founded. The first meeting was held at the Reitschule in Bern. A place for an alternative community, in the former stables of the city of Bern. At this moment I decided to make my first portrait photos, of those people going the same way as I was. Currently I’m realising a video project tracing my own transition. The project is covering two years and allows the viewer, to follow my physical transition and attend my coming-out. Thomas De La Combe has attended the school of arts in Geneva, making his diploma in 1998 with distinction by the jury for his video about his grandmother. ---- ====== Gallery ====== (c) Thomas De la Combe {{:tom_alecs_small.jpg?220|Alecs}} {{:tom_alex_small.jpg?220|Alex}} {{:tom_keiran_small.jpg?220|Keiran}} Alecs, Alex, Keiran {{:tom_alicia_small.jpg?220|}} {{:tom_orfeo_small.jpg?220|}} {{:tom_shanoa_small.jpg?220|}} Alicia, Orféo, Shanoa {{:tom_sarah_small.jpg?220|}} {{:tom_daniela_small.jpg?220|}} {{:tom_gaelle_small.jpg?220|}} Sarah, Daniela, Gaëlle {{:tom_nick_small.jpg?220|}} {{:tom_katherin_small.jpg?220|}} Nick, Katherin <- [[en:art|Kunst]] ----

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