Thomas De la Combe - Portraits

I started my transition from female to male at the same time as the first national network for transgender was founded. The first meeting was held at the Reitschule in Bern. A place for an alternative community, in the former stables of the city of Bern. At this moment I decided to make my first portrait photos, of those people going the same way as I was.

Currently I’m realising a video project tracing my own transition. The project is covering two years and allows the viewer, to follow my physical transition and attend my coming-out.

Thomas De La Combe has attended the school of arts in Geneva, making his diploma in 1998 with distinction by the jury for his video about his grandmother.


(c) Thomas De la Combe

Alecs Alex Keiran

Alecs, Alex, Keiran

Alicia, Orféo, Shanoa

Sarah, Daniela, Gaëlle

Nick, Katherin


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