====== WS5 - Queer Burlesque ====== The workshop can be held in English, German, or both, according to the wishes of participants. In the workshop, we will try to understand Burlesque as extended Striptease that opens up questions of visibility and invisibility, revealing and concealing. Covering or uncovering a body may change how it is perceived, or may open up alternative modes of being or seeing a body. We will focus on performing and stripping into and out of different genders and bodies. The workshop is open to all genders! We will work on short performances, using striptease as a performative tool, but without necessarily regarding it as the main content. Of course, we will practise the „classical“ moverments of striptease, but we will also investigate the gender clichées those movements contain. You don't even have to undress yourself, you can also undress something else, be it language, an object, or a context. Teasing, revealing, and covering can be used in many ways, and there is no single definition of „eroticism“. Striptease can be used to sexualise oneself and one's surroundings. This is ambivalent in itself, since the eroticized naked body, as well as the stage, are interspersed by power dynamics. ”Everything can be sexualised“, we want to conceive this notion in its ambivalence and still explore its subversive potential. We will use elements of striptease and eroticism, but we won´t necessarily focus on pleasing the audience. Much more importantly, we will concentrate on what we want to say, using striptease as a means for reflection and as a performative tool. During the workshop we will work on one performance per person, but you can also work as a group. Please bring a song (with lyrics) that inspires you, or another kind of text. Through these texts we will develop the performances. Should you already have a concrete idea, please bring all the props you need. We can provide a few more general props, but no specific ones. After the workshop there will be a small show with cake and sparkling wine. It's mainly for us, but you are free to invite friends. Cake contributions are welcome. Rosebutt works and teaches as performer in Berlin. Since 2009 more Burlesque elements got visible in her work, so she started to explore the vocabulary. Rosebutt is interested in combining different artistic ideas and aesthetics in her Burlesque–performances, working on critical approaches towards embodiment and representation. <- [[en:workshops|Workshops]]

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