====== WS6 - Shibari-Bondage Workshop ====== Japanese rope bondage: *Basics in anatomy of bondage *Materials *101 on knots *Aesthetics, empathy, physicalness, communications, erotica *First steps in bondagens) Focus is on sensuality and aesthetics in connection with material (ropes), empathy, communications and body talk (own and other). I’ve been engaged in shibari-techniques since about a years and I’m myself since in the beginnings of this artful-creative use of ropes on people, as a seductive-erotic technique. I’m personally experience the “work” with ropes as a concentrating, creative, sensual and aesthetical moment, to experience staged powers between the person being bondage and the one doing the bondage. Empathy and attention are interacting with sadistic attraction. That’s the bandwidth of people and their emotions. Shibari means winch, knot or knotting as a complex system of Japanese arts of bondage. Developed as an art of combat with ropes in the 16th century by the imperial military, the samurais. Originally it was used to torture or execute the enemy. These techniques have become part of the sado/maso subcultures since the 50’s. To bring:\\ Comfy light clothing, own rope if you have one Who:\\ Alone or in company, beginner or advanced, curious and ... Idea:\\ Both days will form one consecutive course, but anyone can join for just one day \\ \\ //falbala, Berlin// \\ Language: Deutsch/English/Français/Italiano\\ Time: Samstag 16h-18/19h & Sonntag 13h-15/16h\\ Place: Tanzdach\\ <- [[en:workshops|Workshops]]

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