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====== Cupcake Cinema presents: Entzaubert on Tour ====== __**Hot Stuff**__ Saturday 16:00 - 18:00 {{:penis3.jpg?220|}} **Invitation// dir. Michael V. Smith// Canada, 6min** Continuing his performance-based documentary work, Michael V. Smith has created a confessional nude dance video. Invitation chronicles the artist's relationship to his body, welcoming the audience to celebrate and bear witness. **Fagette// dir. Ali Cotterill// USA, 4min** Fagette is a trans-fabulous sunday in the park. It's croquet gone gay, drag-tastic cheerleaders and synchronized dance, all in an Astroturf wonderland. **The Sheep and the Ranch Hand// dir. Loretta Hintz// USA, 12min** Who says all sheep are followers?Not this one! This brilliantly funny, Technicolor tale will take you to places few films dare to go. Join our binge-eating, ranchhand-dreaming heroine as she takes a provocatively edgy romp through fantastical greener pastures. “The Sheep and the Ranch Hand” is a story of love, a story of erotic imagination, and a story of the power of dreams to change your life. Best of all, it has a happy ending--in more ways than one. **Soul my wash// dir. Idios//, Germany, 4min** a femme is coming in slo-mo on her boy's ass. \\ **No Skin// dir. Claire Henry// Australia, 5min** No skin is the first part of the three part black & white short film series "Blowing smoke" which recast transmen in scenes from classic gay films. **Sexxxy// dir. Loree Erickson// Canada, 2min** This short video compels the viewer to take a closer look at wheelchairs and the people who use them... **Want// dir. Loree Erickson// Canada, 9min OmeU** want, most famously, is Loree's internationally screened, award-winning short film. In her words, "want is a multi-layered video exploring the topic of sex and disability. There are few videos that deal with this topic, fewer that delve into the world of explicit sexual representation, and still fewer that do so from a queer perspective. In want I use sexually explicit images and everyday moments showing people with disabilities as not just sexual but as sexy. In exploring the question “what is sexy?” I reframe sites of shame as sites of pride and resistance (personal care relationships, bodies that challenge mainstream notions of beauty and desirability, queer sex, vulnerability, gender transgression, etc). By posing a complicated, insightful, honest, and sexy image of disability and queerness, this piece works to combat the stigma, fear, and shame that contribute to the desexualization and devaluation of people with disabilities and bodily-based oppression in general. This films seeks to stimulate." **Plug'n'Play// dir. Marthe van Wessel// Belgium, 10min** This is not porn! \\ \\ \\ **Tour de Pants //dir. Luke Woodward// USA, 39min, english** At the first-ever Tour de Pants bicycle race, dirty racers pound much more than concrete as they compete for the grand prize, the Golden Panties. Featuring a multi-gendered, all queer cast. <- [[en:films|Cupcake Cinema]] ----

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