Cupcake Cinema presents: Entzaubert on Tour

Queer (hir)stories

Sunday 16:00 - 18:00

Part I: Stories from queer folks

I'm not a boy dir. Julie Joice USA 6min Engl. with Ger. Subs Julie Joyce is not a boy. As a transgendered youth, she just wants what all young people want – to have a positive space to live and grow.

Not So Black Or White dir. Col Cruise UK/ Australia, 2006 4 mins Engl. with Ger. Subs The intersex narrator of this animation talks about his changing experiences of his body

I'm sorry Stirling dir. RM Vaughan and Jared Mitchell 3min Engl. with Ger. Subs A queer-revisionist look at 1950s film-noir, tough-guy hunk Sterling Hayden. Using animation and photo-manipulation, artist Rm Vaughan inserts himself into Sterling Hayden's on-screen romantic life.

Hey F * * * Face dir. Amber Dawn 4min Engl. with Ger. Subs is part two of a three part series of short video poems that explore the puzzling and often hazardous task of being human. Medical specimens, gender bending Christian clergy and kinky sex are just a few of the topics the whimsical narrator touches on during this four and a half minute video. Originally shot on black and white Super 8 film and was created as part of the Project 8 Boot Camp, 2008.

Transmission dir. Ivan E. Coyote Canada, 7min Engl. with Ger. Subs “Sometimes I want to be just like my Dad when I grow up - but without the scars”. Transmission is a snapshot of a transgendered family, crossing gender boundaries with a Western feel.

GenderFucker dir. Anja Roß BRD 2006, 2min Engl. with Ger. Subs is an animation film based on the comic „psycho bitch“ of jukl-komix. „Are you a girl or a boy?“ This film takes a critical look on this question in a humurous and demonstrative way.

What I Am dir. Fiona Hynes Ireland, 9min Engl. with Ger. Subs What I Am portrays one persons struggle to find an identity outside of the ‘norm’. In a society ruled by labels, Cat McIlroy fights the gender stereotypes forced upon her from a young age. ‘What I Am’ opens a window on to issues of gender, identity and the lengths people will go to in order to feel happy about themselves.

Felicia dir. Tim O'Hara USA, 8mins Engl. with Ger. Subs This short film showes one of San Francisco’s most loved trans women: Felicia Elizondo und ihr Leben als alleinstehende Rentnerin.

Part II: Concepts of gender

Asylum dir. Lisa G 7 min Canada 2008 Engl. with Ger. Subs A nurse’s recollection of psychiatric care circa 1949 in Riverview -British Columbia’s 600 acre mental health care facility.

Genderqueer: Qu'est que c'est? dir. Del La Grace Volcano 6min GB Engl. with Ger. Subs This short video showes Del LaGrace Volcano asking people on the streets about (their) gender identity.

Two-Spirit people dir. Gretchen Vogel 20mins Engl. with Ger. Subs „When Lori Levy (Southeast and California), Michel Beauchemin (Northeast and California) and I (MidWest and California) were studying for our undergraduate degrees at the University of California Berkeley, we found one another in an ethnic studies class and realized „Two-Spirit People“ The Berdache Tradition in Native American Culture. The inspiration to explore this subject came from Walter William's discussion of two spirit people in „The Spirit and the Flesh“. I dedicate our „Two-Spirit People“ in loving memory of Michel Beauchemin who passed away with HIV a few years back.“

In_formation Z.A. Martohardjono USA, 4min Engl. with Ger. Subs A poetic exploration of the body's history, of how it confronts the culture and language which limits it in modern life.

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